Bude dudes! Surfers ride huge waves under a bridge in Cornish seaside town after Snow Moon and Storm Ciara send tide surging UP the river

  • Incredible footage shows trio skillfully river surfing in Bude, Cornwall, on Sunday
  • The surfers duck under Nanny Moore’s Bridge which crosses over the River Neet
  • Several people are seen watching surfers as they glide past church and carpark
  • Gravitational pull from Snow Moon made tides high and caused river to swell

This is the incredible moment three surfers expertly duck under a bridge as they ride river waves through a Cornish town. 

In video filmed by Paul Pearse on Sunday, after a Snow Moon and heavy rainfall from Storm Ciara raised water levels, three people are seen showing off their moves.

During the short clip the trio manage to stay upright on their boards and impress the watching crowd on Nanny Moore’s Bridge in Bude – despite battling wind and rain.

Footage shows the three surfers making their way along the water towards the bridge as several pedestrians eagerly watch them approach.

One surfer keeps to the far side wall but the other two are seen confidently riding the waves as they enjoy the strong current and use their arms for balance.

As they get to the bridge, all three people duck down on their boards and reappear on the other side followed by a gush of water.

The three surfers continue down the river, passing a church, car park and several homes, as the spectators happily keep watch on their progress.

The surfers prepare to duck under Nanny Moore’s Bridge as several people watch

Video recorded on Sunday shows three surfers skillfully making their way along the River Neet and ducking under Nanny Moore’s Bridge in Bude, Cornwall

After reemerging from the bridge, one of the surfers wobbles slightly but manages to recover their balance as they get close to their pal’s board. 

Sunday was also a significant day for weather patterns as a Snow Moon – which also happened to also be a supermoon – appeared in the sky.

A Snow Moon, a name given to a full moon which happens in February and is called this as there’s usually snow on the ground by the time it appears, occurs when it’s at the closest point to earth. This makes it appear bigger and brighter. 

The Snow Moon’s gravitational pull makes tides high when the moon is full and this caused the river to swell, creating the perfect conditions for the surfers.

The trio make it through the bridge and are followed by a gush of water

They all manage to stay standing up, before the surfer in the middle has a slight wobble

The trio make it through the bridge (left and right) and are followed by a gush of water as they continue along the river and pass a carpark and church

Upstream river waves are swell that have formed in the ocean and travelled up the river, creating fun and testing conditions for surfers.

This type of wave is harder to predict as it’s the ocean which pushes the water into the river and against the natural flow, reports Surfer Today.

There aren’t many examples of these rivers but Bude’s River Neet – which Nanny Moore’s Bridge crosses – is one of the places surfers can test out their skills. 

River surfing is quite common in Cornwall and in September a group of four people were filmed surfing the tidal bore at Perranporth.

The most popular spot for river surfing in Britain is Severn Bore in Gloucester. The Severn’s impressive tidal range, the second highest in the world at up to 50ft, combined with its estuary shape creates the ideal conditions for the bore to form.  

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