Panic buying of toilet paper in COVID-19 hot spots takes off again


Second wipe: Panic buying of toilet paper in COVID-19 hot spots flares again as Victorians fearful of a new lockdown strip supermarkets of dunny rolls

  • Victoria has recorded a double digit increase in COVID-19 cases now for a week
  • Reports some smaller supermarkets have already been decimated of supplies
  • Large stock piles of toilet paper across Melbourne are being snapped-up 
  • Word quickly spread on talk back radio that panic buying was back on   
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Panic buying of toilet paper in COVID-19 hot spots across Victoria has ramped-up amid fears of another looming lockdown. 

Daily Mail Australia observed people in COVID hot spots of Brimbank and Hume, in Melbourne‘s west, stocking up on products, with reports some smaller supermarkets had already been stripped. 

Victoria has recorded a double significant rises in coronavirus cases for the seventh day running, with 17 new cases confirmed on Tuesday.

Panic buying in March went through the roof as Australians stripped the shops of ordinary household products such as toilet paper and flour

People were forced to line-up to buy toilet paper in March.

People were forced to line-up to buy toilet paper in March. 

While supplies at several of the larger  Coles and Woolworths shops visited by Daily Mail Australia still had healthy supplies, there were strong signs the situation was about to get worse. 

Many shoppers could be seen walking out with gigantic packages of toilet paper containing up to 36 rolls each.  

One Brimbank resident told Daily Mail Australia he had heard about people stockpiling again on morning radio and had come down to the shops to grab some rolls before they vanished. 

‘I’m not getting caught out again,’ the man said. 

The man could later be heard calling family members telling them to stock-up as soon as possible.  

Word quickly spread throughout the outer suburbs, with worried shoppers hitting supermarkets as far out as Hoppers Crossing and Werribee – in the outer west. 

On Tuesday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said authorities expected to provide more information about COVID cases as information was confirmed.

‘There will be some significant community transmission within those numbers,’ Mr Andrews said. ‘This is still with us. This is not over.’

Victorians were among the first to go completely loopy when news of likely COVID-19 restrictions came about in March. 

Back then,  the prime minister was forced to address the nation and tell selfish Australians to ‘stop it’. 


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