Coronavirus UK: Deaths announced for Thursday


England and Northern Ireland announce nine more coronavirus deaths in early count

England and Northern Ireland announced the deaths of nine more people with coronavirus today, while no more have been confirmed in Wales or Scotland.

A full update will be produced later today by the Department of Health, which will include deaths in care homes and also the number of new positive tests.

Fatalities are no longer a big measure of the progress of the outbreak and the attention of politicians and the public has turned to new infections.

These have been rising in recent days to such an extent that Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday announced people should start to ‘limit social contact’ again from Monday.

He confirmed new laws will allow police to issue £100 fines to people meeting in groups larger than six as he attempts to cut down on young people gathering.

The new rule, which toughens up the previous one that allowed up to 30 people to gather if from two households, will be applied across the country.

Senior MPs said today that the ‘broad brush’ approach to tightening the screw across England will mean millions living in almost Covid-free areas must pay the price for some inner cities’ inability to keep a lid on infections.


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